SHALE INSIGHT™ 2014 will offer participants unprecedented interaction with industry-leading CEOs, elected officials and thought leaders, all of whom play a critical role in crafting the public policy and technical landscape that defines shale gas development around the world. Insightful panel discussions, high-powered networking sessions, and impactful keynote presentations will provide attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors unprecedented access to the industry’s most influential leaders and innovators.

Tuesday, September 23

  • Hands-on technical workshops on topics such as Pre-Drill Water Sampling and Analysis, NORM/TENORM and others. Registration is required, however, there is no additional charge.

  • Presentations of selected emerging technologies that will create value, reduce costs and/or generate competitive advantage to address Appalachian Basin shale industry challenges and support science-based technologies and decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 24-25

    In addition to several keynote presentations, various technical and public affairs related topics will be explored in daily educational sessions.
    A premier showcase of the industry’s foremost companies, products and services.
    Numerous opportunities to connect with industry colleagues and to build new business relationships.