In its fifth year, SHALE INSIGHT™ 2015 will offer participants unprecedented interaction with industry-leading CEOs, elected officials and thought leaders, all of whom play a critical role in crafting the public policy and technical landscape that defines shale gas development around the world. Insightful panel discussions, high-powered networking sessions, and impactful keynote presentations will provide attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors unprecedented access to the industry’s most influential leaders and innovators.

Wednesday and Thursday, September 16-17

In addition to several keynote presentations, various technical and public affairs related topics will be explored in daily educational sessions.

Technical Sessions

  • Natural Gas Liquids: Challenges and Opportunities for Development in the Appalachian Basin
  • Conservation: Using Pipeline Right-of-Ways to Develop Sustainable Wildlife Habitats
  • Cyber Security: Oil and Gas Facility Protection Against Cyberterrorism
  • Emergency Response Planning: Keys to Building a Successful Health and Safety Culture for
    Unconventional Shale Development
  • Greenhouse Gas/Methane Emissions: An Update on State and Federal Rulemakings
  • Innovation by Collaboration: Advancing Oil and Gas Technologies through Joint Research and Development
  • Local Community Concerns: Strategies for Managing Road and Truck Operations
  • Mechanical Well Integrity: A Summary by DEP of the Results of 2015 Reporting and Upcoming Reporting Changes
  • Produced Water Treatment Alternatives for Reuse: Impoundments, Aboveground Storage, Onsite and Offsite Treatment

Public Affairs Sessions

  • Achieving Success in a Demanding Market: Pipeline Deployment, Infrastructure Buildout and Pricing Fluctuations
  • Global Perspective: International Stakeholders Interest in the Appalachian Basin
  • Media Viewpoint: Effectively Communicating Complex Industry Issues in a Changing Media Environment
  • Municipal Ordinances: A Methodology to Track New Ordinances with a Focused Alert and Response Program
  • Public Utility Status: Weighing the Pros and Cons of Midstream Projects becoming Public Utilities in Pennsylvania
  • Workforce Development: Preserving Pennsylvania Jobs for Pennsylvania Workers in an Unpredictable Market

A premier showcase of the industry’s foremost companies, products and services.
Presentations of selected emerging technologies that will create value, reduce costs and/or generate competitive advantage to address Appalachian Basin shale industry challenges and support science-based technologies and decisions for the benefit of all stakeholders.
Located in the Exhibition Hall, the poster session will feature natural gas use projects, research or innovations. Topics will include natural gas vehicles (technologies, conversions, refueling infrastructure), commercial/industrial projects, power generation, LNG, ethane and others.
Numerous opportunities to connect with industry colleagues and to build new business relationships.